The Truth Behind the Lies

fuck you and fuck society
piercings -nose -ears (1/2in plugs in the first hole normal in the second) tongue :) 20, 5'5,
likes-beards plugs muscles puppies men food
blah blah
anyways follow me :)
I guess you could say imma freak 👅 mark your territory like a man should

The most ignored words in the world.
Found this little baby on the porch! I picked him up and my grandma wanted to hold him :) we thought he had hurt himself but he ended up flying away after getting warmed up #hummingbird #baby #beautiful #nature #bird


The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed
Disappointment of the day:/ #shareacoke #coke #wheresmyname

Transparent forming skull gif

reblog if you’re an asshole

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